Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week 13


The overall feedback we received from Russell was good but I was reading off my speaker notes too much and create a lost of eye contact between the audience which was distracting. Our driving was setup by Elliot during our presentation, our client Russell had a go with the wheel and inspection of our 3D model Truck. There were question raised by Russell and the class. 

Why are the buttons on the wheel?
we only taped down the buttons on the wheel, because the amount of angels turning left and right produced by the wheel is limited as well as the potentiometer can only turn at the degrees of 270.
Also the aim was to provide the realistic feeling of driving a truck we thought of putting the 2 buttons on the side but having 2 buttons on the side and one hand on the wheel to reverse isn't as good as having them both on the wheel to feel what is like to reverse a truck.

Every materials we used are being references, the codes we produce are made from an open source which means other people have the right to use our code if their reference us and we can only claim copyright for our design of the wheel if we are planning to sell this product. As the aim was also to address the the reputability we were here to provide everyone how to make your own and we are providing everything online for everyone to use. 

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