Sunday, April 19, 2015

Week 6

Presentation for Communications 

I did some research over the holidays for the presentation that we have selected a topic on which is Communication and how it relates the our group.

My roles was to have an introduction of communication which in our case just a definition  and I have completed the first 6 slides.

I have researched about the history side of the evolution of technologies in the context of communication and i have selected a few event that I thought its important. As well as the impacts of digital communication in general and I came across a video that I have include in our group presentation about how technology advanced devices impacted us negatively.

Here are the Slides i made with speaker notes

so according to the oxford dictionaries the definition of Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.

give a little insight of how communications have changed over time, and we selected a few hugh events that happened during the evolution of communication because of the advancement in technology
1. early stage of communication where theres no electrical devices mail, pigeon post, horns, fire and smoke signals.
2. basic electrical devices are introduced in 1876 telephone
3. then moved onto wireless cellular mobiles
4.then invention of internet and WWW was launched quickly in 1991 1992 first SMS(short message service) was sent from a mobile phone 1995 first VOIP service was up and allow people to communicate online using voice technology has interfere with communicate it rapidly introduced many new devices and networks with in short time frame
todays social network or application which contains instant messaging system was actaully first launched in 1996
8. Skype in 2003 introduced internet telephony

Introduction of technology has affected the way we communicate, the electronic communicating devices have both positive and negative affects
here are some of positive effects.
  • different ways of communicating email, sms, video call, (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • with the use of these electronics allow people to communicate instantly (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • the technology advances brought the world together into a screen and easier for long distance (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • actually cheaper to use electronics to communicate as its reduced from the cost of deliveries and paper(LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • more reliable can be save and retrieve (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)

There are a lot of advantages of digital communication however there are also negative impacts from the technology advances.
  • lack of privacy talking over the internet, insecure applications and networks allow other people to read the emails or SMS u send  (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • allow user to stay connect mobily however it can be dangerous, distracting driver or distracts people from work, study or other important things(LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • different forms of communication are sometimes misused, virus and hackers can be harmful, malware (LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)
  • lack of values of the information youre actually trying to send, technology are still limited when a person is transformed into a avatar or display picture. lack of emotions, body languages, meanings.(LINK BACK TO OUR GROUP! HOW?)

This video talk about how technologies has impacted the way we communicate differently.

Original Link To View Presentation Slides.

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