Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 5


This week at the end of the lecture Russell delivered we were allocated a topic for the next group presentation. The topic we were allocated was "Communication".

The Themes of collaboration are:
1. Planning
2. Communication
3. Intellectual Property
4. Conflict
5. Remuneration

Individual Major Milestone
I have played around with the Arduino microprocessor and UE4 I watch a few tutorials on Youtube to integrate them both together.

I came across this video which has similar input and outputs to our group project so I got his email and emailed him about the project we working or and asked him about how he did it and requested instructions.

At the same time other member of my team are further developing the coding and Arduino processor I was unable to test the chip and software together, however I have an basic understanding of how to do and I also did further research how the developer did it.

Also i have made contact to Omar Developer which he integrated Arduino to UE4 having similar aims of what we are doing. However he didn't reply to me, BUT another user thats seeking for help actually replied me and gave me a link.

Evidences of work

 I commented on the post in his google circle that I found from his Youtube Channel

Following the link from the other party, looking at the interesting tutorial it might actually be what we are looking for.

Program interface actually looks simply and like grasshopper coding plugin as wells as its run in Unreal.

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