Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Week 4

Group Meetings

The 5th member of our group have finally turn up, we have decided that we will be doing the same roles and individually working on our own parts. At the end of this week's tutorial Russell allocated 2 Arduino microprocessors to continue with the driving machine project, there are lot of components and sensors comes with the processor. There's a guide Russell gave us which provides simple installation of the sensor to the chip and coding, which Russell strongly recommend to start off, follow and learn basics of the microprocessor.

A problem we encounter that we thought we chip was faulty as Daming was trying to replicate the chip he made earlier however the LED light wouldn't light up as the sensor are not working at the same time but he double check that it didn't work so i travel over to his house and fix the problem

it wasn't actually the chip that is faulty it was that the plate was installed upside down so we had to re-plug everything.

this picture we can see the LED is and we testing the flex sensor and potentionmeter.

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