Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 2 Research for Presentation

We were allocated into different groups by Russel as we submitted our targeted CV for the projects.
I was allocated in the Driving Machine. This project requires the group to provided driving experience .

The aim of the project is to enhance the experiences by integrating a steering system with Arduino microprocessor into Unreal Engine 4 an level provided by Russel, we need to Fabricate a physical steering wheel that uses the microprocessor and required sensors to steer a truck in the UE4 computer game engine.

At the end of the class we have discussed the work we need to finish in order to finish the project, we allocated different roles to each member as we worked on a project from last semester we know each others strengths and weaknesses, however one of the team member didn't show up and we cannot contact as we don't know who he is.

For the group presentation of Back Briefs, my part was to research on different materials, analysing what is suitable for our design and the mainly the cost to reproduce it as one of the criteria is to produce a blue print along the side using cheap materials so developing country can reproduce it.

In conclusion, i have made a list for the materials and tools that are suitable for our design which other people can easily reproduce the same or similar model and some pros and cons for each material.

3mm Plywood
Very light and easy to cut
Does not last long and fragile
Truck Driving Wheel
It provides a realistic feeling
Going to cost a lot
Cable ties
Easy to use and strong
Lack of durability

Laser Cutter
Free (From Uni)
Hot Glue Gun
7$ for hot glue gun and 50 glue sticks
Arduino Processor
Free (From Uni)
Free (got it at home)
Free (got it at home)


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  1. Hey mate i am in your group sorry i been ill the last week can you possibly contact me via email vedrankul@yahoo.com