Thursday, March 19, 2015

Week 3

Project Presentation of Back Brief
The 5th team member still haven't contact us and we tried to reach but failed so 4 of us did our own research for the Back Briefs for the presentation and hope that he well turn up for next weeks's class.

We have presented our project and overview to our client, in this case Russel is our client our understanding of the project aim was a little different to what Russell was expecting, in the presentation our aim was to provide the user with real life experience in a virtual world of driving a truck which wasn't what Russel expecting at the end of the presentation we have given solid feedback and corrections for the project and we are back on track to work on the project.

Each member in the group also downloaded the UE4 gaming engine onto their working stations and the program to write codes for the Arduino so we can have basic understandings for the chip.

Click here for the link to our group presentation of Back Brief

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