Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 10


  • Source of conflict
  • Types of people causing conflict
  • Avoiding conflict - not a way to resolve conflict matters and it will actually get worst ( Snowball effect)
  • How to resolve conflict
  • Impacts of conflict 

  • Very detailed definition for introduction
  • Entertaining start
  • Nice layout and design overall
  • Real life example and using past project as an example
  • Good style of bold use in font for keywords to highlight the important words
  • Looking at different aspects of the topic
  • Good use of example to relate back the topic to pass projects and their project
  • Too generalised not specific enough
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Not really familiar with presentation
How does conflict relate to our group?
Conflict can be a beneficial source to motivate people and pull themselves together as a team, we didn't have much conflicts in our group since there were no failure of communication, also using a hierarchy network minimised the possibility of conflict as the leader is giving orders and monitoring each team member with their work. Everyone was dedicated to the project and finish off what needs to be done individually and in collaboration we completed the project together through clear communication and good team work.

Work Process 

Gathering information for Final presentation

setting up layout for presentation

  1. Eye Catching and unique starting to catch audience attention and design my own rather than using templates that everyone knows is from Microsoft.
  2. consistence in slides and use of color
  3. contents
  4. qualities of images
  5. less words in the slides as possible, make slides more interesting

So I came up with main objectives and contents that should be include in our presentation

  1. Introduction of our project
  2. Stages of Development in Detail
  3. Hardware and Software used
  4. How we used them.
  5. Documentations of work from each team member to explain in depth 
  6. General slides    


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