Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week 11

Presentation Remuneration 

  • Different types of remunerations
  • Remuneration is a payment for the benefit of worker
  • How much are you worth
  • How to add value to myself
  • Reward system

  • Entertaining start with a scene from a movie
  • Shows lots of results from researching 
  • Using statistics in relation to UNSW student
  • Presented by 2 members (Jordan and Hayley)which both have good understanding of Remuneration
  • Good use of graphic to provide information e.g. Timeline was used
  • could've make more relations to their project, stated that remuneration does not relate.
  • more picture to make the slides more interesting along side with the states
How does Remuneration relate to our group?

Work Process

Adding speaker notes to existing and new slides
At the start of the project our original understandings of the driving machine was to provide an emulated real world condition to train and educate truck drivers which was incorrect, after we presented to russell our client we received feedback and explanations
 The first process we tackled the project is on the top right, the design of the physical wheel then we continued our project to the second process of using ardiuno microprocessor to convert physical input of steering in data which is then using codes to interprets the input data and sends it to the game simultaneously

After researching possible designs and considering the benefits of each, we decided on a design that we would aim towards.

 List of material that we have did research on that are suitable for our project which is also relatively  cheap to get and easy to access across the world
solder for extending connections between arduino processor and potentiometer drill jig saw and circular saw for screwing and cutting plywood sheets to size After researching the best possible ways to document the arduino.

Because we wanted the design to be easily repeatable laser cutting and 3d printing were suggested. this is a laser cut plywood setup that is very similar to our concept with the steering wheel and throttle control.


The Arduino Board went through several stages of design development and changes. At first we theorized what would be the best way to set up the Arduino board to be used to steer and accelerate at the same time. Due to lack of knowledge at the time we continued with work and had to change it to fit the ability for Unreal to translate the knowledge into movement and steering

  The coding of the Arduino revolved around it translating the serial data of the potentiometer and two buttons and that becomes the steering and accelerating of the vehicle in the Driving Machine project.
So the code then transmits the serial data to Unreal.
The tutorial was the first to be adapted and changed to suit the needs of testing the driving setup for the visual code and the Arduino board. Using the premade driving level provided by Unreal we were able to create an instance for the game to be compatible with the Arduino controller.

  Back features a "door" with magnetic catch allowing easy access to the electronics inside Interior Steering column, cable ties are to hold in place while gluing.PVC conduit provides stationary support and reduces friction for turning wooden dowel Side panels supports Rear door hinges Steering column detail. (Note: cable ties are temporary support while glue dries)

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