Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week 9

Intellectual Property 

This weeks presentation is on IP(intellectual Property) delivered by Dara, Andrew, Shanny, Daniel 
and Matthew.

  • Regested Design
  • Trademark
  • Patent
  • Copyright

  • limited text on presentation slides 
  • use lots of examples even use another groups project which help the delivery of inflammations to audiences 
  • explaining information through images showing all team members have basic understanding of the topic IP
  • created and explained how IP relating back to their project the oculus rift
  • consistent and simple layouts of slides
  • used powtoon to create the animation (like our group)
  • animation was too fast
  • some information was repetitive

How does Intellectual Property relate to our group?
We used a lot of tutorials online which we have reference and we cannot claim the work we have done is ours, however we can apply the design on the driving wheel design as we designed and created, the coding is a open source as our aim was to provide people around the world with a set of instruction to replicate our driving machine, materials all being all recorded and referenced.

Work Process

Setting up the site Russell provided for our truck to be drive 

Cameras are also setup for interaction within the site

The 3 main blind spots I figured out for the truck to be reverse into the site.

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